Recommended Law Firms

Allocation of Funds

Recommended by A.I.I. 



Hersch & Taisman P.A.

110 Brickell Ave. Penthouse 1, Miami, FL 33131 Highly recommended by A.A.I.
Adrian D. Ferradaz
(Post Conviction)
7950 W. Flagler St. Suite 108, Miami, FL 33144 Highly recommended by A.A.I.
Melvin S. Black P.A.
Grove Forest Plaza Suite 202, 
Coconut Grove, 2937 Southwest 27th Av.,
Miami, FL 33133
Highly recommended by A.A.I.
Eric M. Cohen
(Post conviction / Advisory attorney)
2937 Southwest 27 Ave. Suite 202, Miami, FL 33133 Highly recommended by A.A.I.


NOT Recommended by A.I.I.



Bernard Daley
(Post Conviction)

901 N. Gadsden, St. Tallahassee. This crook defrauded A.A.I. out of $7,500 - unbeknowned to us he was pending disbarment. 
If you see him, call the police. lol
David Jay Glassman Philadelphia, PA, 19102 This man charged my parents several thousand dollars for a 15 minute visit and to arrange a visit with my parents - which never occurred. A.A.I. is NOT recommending this firm, in any capacity.
Richard Waserstein
(State Attorney)
913 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, Fl, 33141 A.A.I. is NOT recommending this firm.
Abraham & Agnoli P.A.
(Post conviction / Advisory Counselor)
2701 S. Bayshore Dr., Suite 403, Coconut Grove, FL, 33133 A.A.I. is NOT recommending this firm.
Robinson & Brardit P.S.C.(Appellant 11th Circuit, 9th Circuit) 629 Main St. Suite B, Covington, KY 41011 A.A.I. is NOT recommending this firm.
John Webster
(Designation and Sentencing Computation Specialist)
(610) 696-6153 A.A.I. is NOT recommending this firm.


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