These classic renditions and original oil paintings from famed infamous painters were gifted to A.A.I. All purchased paintings are professionally and tastefully framed and matted.

To accumulate the necessary capital needed to champion retroactive sentencing equality, sentencing reform, reinstatement of parole for nonviolent offenders, and to help defray cost in Mr. Daniel Angel Rodriguez charge towards justice.

These initiatives are not only as a matter of justice and constitutional fairness for all' but in the interest of our citizenry as well.

We appreciate greatly your contribution to our cause. And trust that you'll be delighted with any classic oil painting you select. From all at A.A.I. We Thank You

To purchase a painting please send us an email ( and include painting id number. Payments can be made thru Pay-Pal with a credit card or you can send a money order or check to the AAI contact address.

NOTE: Please click on painting for relevant data and pricing

The Author

My name is Daniel Angel Rodriguez: I'll start by underscoring that every word, sentiment, every TAB and illustration was written and fashioned by me. If there's error in punctuations, spellings, grammar or articulations, they are solely of my doing. I'm NO scholar.. 

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