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The date was July 24, 1994., On that fateful day, I was arrested and later convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm. The felon aspect derived from adolescent peccadilloes ultimately attributed to my firearm conviction being egregiously enhanced to 272 months. I made no excuses, defied the law, and punishment was in order. But surely not the iniquity rendered by the court.

My only true blessing has been my extraordinary parents. My brother and I were raised in a garden variety working-class household with entrepreneurial parents. Although I stubbornly strayed from their Spartan upbringing and often fomented disparaging circumstances, they always proved undeservingly graceful and unconditional. They sacrificed their status quo, both personally and economically, to contest my judicial order and the unwieldy elements. I love them to no end, and I'm ashamed that I'll never in a million years be able to compensate them for the anguish and years of emptiness (no son). I'll mention that right before I was sentenced, my only beloved brother passed. He was an enthusiastic 23-year-old man and held a promising future like me. Despite the years since we lost him, we mourn the loss each waking day!

From viewing the financial crux and emotional drain the judicial process has had on my parents and many others of those incarcerated, I would venture to accuse the system of bankrupting the American people. This is survival of the fittest! Those less fortunate become statistics and fall prey to the system that paradoxically is designed to protect them.

What I find most troubling is that our government is more concerned about foreign humanitarian rights: than the uncharted rampant abuse/injustices that exist right here (USA). With all the issues that fraught this great country, we seem inherently preoccupied and meddlesome in the affairs abroad. I'm speaking in general, not of matters affecting our national security. We undermine our greatness by proving obsequious and unnecessarily compliant to other countries, which are often rouge—all at the expense of the American People both literally and figuratively. Sadly, during what I coined the "American Neglect," this once powerful and unassailable country is dismantling at the seams. We're regressing, gradually diminishing the effects of the historical sacrifices made by the American people. I speak of the gifts that catapulted the United States of America to superiority.

As I reflect or search for a panacea, I can't seem to pinpoint a direct solution. At least not one person could shoulder or resonate. Yes, I'm opposed to the policies and agendas of the current administration, but they're not solely responsible for the troubling issue herein; these problems have long existed. It's irking to see many politicians use issues that generally plague minorities, inner cities, elders, and the working-class to pander votes hypocritically. The mere oversight of the predicaments facing the American people is a testament to how voters have been scorned. We need more government on issues not nationalized and less government within the private sector. We need to demand more than a cursory glance of citizenries. Proletarians (plebs, if you will) built this country; now we're being snubbed…

Although frazzled, I continue my path and clarion call for sentencing equality. We hope that I'd be given another chance at life one day. As a young man, I made mistakes, but none worthy of being condemned to so many years of incarceration. It's almost as if I was sentenced under a regime, e.g., Cuba, Russia, Iran, China, or Iraq_ because if analyzed, we have the same draconian sentencing outcome. We're so hypocritical that we unify to condemn sentences issued in other countries when we should psychoanalyze and blame our judicial system. I am left to pray that the travails of my experience do not go unnoticed or prove in vain! I'm hoping that (via, http://www.anamericaninjustice.com) We'd be able to provoke sentencing reform and stage a formidable platform to a sustained review of how Americans are being callously incarcerated.

Allow my trials and tribulations to be a victory for the American people,

Thank you for caring and giving us a voice.

Kindest Regards,

Danny A. Rodriguez

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