A Mother's Plea

A Mother's Plea

The Honorable Donald J. Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: A Mother’s Plea

Dear President Trump,

Since your glide down the escalators to announce your presidency my husband and I, as loyal constitutional and fiscal conservatives, as well as community leaders have supported you being that you represented a refreshing change. Today we, united represent a ground route voice, in Florida, for your re-election. (See Attachment A).

Mr. President, my husband and I, as your constituents, and proud Americans feel the need to share a personal plight that has unjustly plagued an American family. In 1994 my son was sentenced to 22 years for a mere possession of a legal firearm belonging to his brother, albeit he was a felon and prohibited from possessing a firearm. The sentence was draconian (See Attachment B, Final Judgment); In 2016 the Supreme Court ruled that his sentence was unconstitutional. He was subsequently resentenced to 10 years, his immediate release followed. Yet having already served 22 years, once home he did not move to sue the Government for stealing 12 years of his life in harden penitentiaries due to an unconstitutional sentence. Instead he started a successful business Pink Broom Cleaning Service LLC., that billed nearly 400K in less than a year.

Unfortunately, in December 2017, he was arrested for helping fellow inmates in a petty-scheme that involved (actually) under 1 kilo of an innocuous synthetic marijuana now known as ADB-Fubinaca (Case No.17-20904). Which he never fathomed it to be considered an illegal product because it was sold over the counter at local convenience stores. This fake-weed designed to mimic marijuana has never killed nor literally harmed a single user, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Critical Review Report on ADB-Fubinaca, Forty-first meeting, Geneva 12-16 November 2018. It is important to note that according to said WHO Report this substance has never been vetted meaning that it was arbitrarily enforced, by the FBI delegate powers, into a temporary scheduled controlled substance. Further the Government coerced codefendants by offering lesser sentences and/or threatening the leaders of the conspiracy, in some cases asking them to lie to make my son appear as the mastermind, despite all the evidence proving otherwise. The Government obstructed by successfully threatening witnesses to keep them from testifying and denying my son the right to present a defense. Mr. President, you are absolutely correct, this Government has run amok. If our Government could lie, besmirch, obstruct and move to fabricate grounds for impeachment on a duly elected President, imagine how they run-roughshod over common, ordinary Americans.

My son was a victim of his own attorneys, who promised him/us that we were going to trial, only to coerced us into pleading guilty under the pretense that he would go home. My son would have won his case had he been allowed to go to trial. Further, my son was a victim of a formally recused judge, who, we now learn illegally signed his arrest warrant and, as well of another recused judge who clocked under the guise of a neutral adjudicator, executed the most egregious and criminal sentence ever levied on a defendant (a brutally unprecedented and disproportionate 33 year in prison) for mere grams of fake-weed. While his co-defendant received probation. For God sake pedophiles, criminal-illegals, rapists, murderers, even terrorists are given far lesser sentences for truly egregious crimes.

Of course, Roger Stone and General Flynn are themselves victims of an unfair process, but my son’s situation dwarfs the injustice in their cases. Mr. President, there are hundreds of Americans incarcerated today with overly abusive and oppressive sentences. It would be compelling if you announced for your reelection campaign that you are going to set-up a committee to review all federal sentences imposed. You have the right to intervene. You are the President for all Americans: the sick, homeless, mentally ill and the incarcerated. You have a direct right to be informed if Americans are falling victim to abusive sentencing practices. This position will also quell the naysayers that cried selective Presidential intervention. And would one-up the radical-left. Mr. President trust that there is a lot of swamp draining to do- Washington was only a good starting point. After witnessing what occurred to my son Danny, your administration has merely scratched the soiled swamps surface.

Our other son passed away in a tragic car accident. We are active but nonetheless in our 70s; while my son was gullible as a young man and made his share of mistakes, none are deserving of his experiences (See Attachment C, Evaluation). He has endured many struggles and difficulties throughout his life, yet despite the odds he came out of prison and was productive. He is now married and has a daughter that need him very much (See Attachment. D, Photo). My husband and I are supportive of our son and need him home. What has happened to him, once again, is itself a crime against humanity. And while his appeal is a shoo-in, in the words of Martin Luther King "An Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere"

Mr. President, in 2018 you commuted the sentence of defendant Ronen Nahmani, case No. 1:14-cr-20926, he had been sentenced to 20 years for over (1000 kilos) of actual PURE synthetic marijuana of a much more dangerous strain, and he admitted to profiting over 10 million dollars. Analyze this for one moment: Mr. Nahmani received 20 years for over a thousand (actual) kilos of PURE synthetic marijuana and over 10 million in profits. And, in the same district court, in the Southern district of Florida, my son received 33 years for under (1 kilo) of a mild synthetic marijuana strain. Further in the entire United States, and the World, my son's sentence stands alone as unconstitutional, inhumane and torturous. How is this for a sentencing disparity? Mr. President what has occurred to my son is wholly un-American. 

And, as if this injustice wasn't enough, my son was transferred over a thousand miles away from his family to a violent (lock-down) USP Lee Penitentiary, a high-security United States federal prison, despite having low security points. We, his family, have found it difficult to visit him or even communicate with him. What has occurred to him and by extension to us is callous, cruel, third-world, draconian, oppressive and abusive sentence. We do not treat criminal-illegals or even terrorists as my son is being disposed of: He is 47 years old and at the very least merits being incarcerated at the Miami low facility near our home so his family and new lawyers could visit him under a more humane and passive environment. We all need to be near him to mentally support him through this predicament while we brace to undo the injustice at full display here.

Mr. President, you met with Kim Kardashian for a wonderful cause, I may add. We are not famous, just regular hardworking successful Americans who immigrated to this country, over 50 years ago, in search of freedom and opportunity and to escape Cuba's tyranny. We would be humbled and gracious for an opportunity to meet with you for a full debriefing in regard to the abusive-humanitarian crisis against my only son, an American, who was criminally sentenced and incarcerated.

Thank you,

Respectfully submitted,


Mother, Gloria Rodriguez
Father, Fernando Rodriguez
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(H)305 259-7552
(C)786 374-5258
Website: www.anamericaninjustice.com

"Our highest loyalty is to the American people"
 Melania Trump, First Lady of the United States.

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