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Fact Check: Special Commentary on Darren Sharper, absurd RAPE plea

Fact Check: Special Commentary on Darren Sharper, absurd RAPE plea


Folks it's so disturbing to realize the constant Judicial affront to the American people: How marginalized and disregarded we ultimately are... It's utterly irresponsible for our government to sentence a (Serial Rapist) to an unconscionably measly 9 years Federal sentence, despite social or the economic value of the offender.

We should be up-in-arms! These relatively abridged, and unprincipled sentences are dole-out daily in court rooms across this country to heinously violent predatorial criminals, while non-violent offenders languish, shamely serving decades in Federal prisons.

Can President Obama explain how a Serial Rapist (Darren Sharper) could receive a 9 year plea deal for raping 9 women (1 year per women) while in 1994, as a 21 year old man, I received 272 months for a mere possession of a purchased firearm by a petty felon?

...Is there a greater injustice...

Fact Check

Herein are some published examples of how, in comparison, the federal sentencing guidelines are criminally unjust, unpatriotic, abusive and ultimately inhumane.
The question we beg an answer for is how a conviction for a mere possession of a firearm by a felon (A NONVIOLENT CRIME) could merit a sentence of 22 ½ years?

While hundreds of thousands of cases nationwide, of a greater severity, go practically unpunished in comparison. I pray this forum propagates and draws awareness to our countries interventionism, while our own citizenry fall prey to wide spread neglect…these examples have been accurately abbreviated.


  • Connecticut, Waterbury: A bank robber who used an assault riffle in his heist has been sentenced to nine years. The Republican-American reported that Robert Jervis used a colt AR-15 rifle for the robbery. (USA Today 2014) 
    Hell I feel like a hostage!
  • Connecticut, Milford: A man received 12 years for disfiguring his estranged wife by throwing boiling oil on his estranged wife. (2015 USA Today)
  • Atlanta: Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton received 23 years for the 2011 shooting death of a mother of four. (USA Today 2015). He'd likely would have received 1 year for my crime.
  • Delaware, Newark: A man was sentenced to 18 months in prison - after his wrong-way driving killed a 58 year-old maryland women. (the News Journal Reported 2015). This sentence is in it's self criminal.
  • Florida: Michael Lee John received 2 1/2 years for rape and a serious assault. (USA Today 2015). The victim was truly reassaulted.
  • Texas, San Antonio: A former San Antonio High School Science teacher has been sentenced to 17 years in Federal Prison - for using a cellphone to record himself having sex with a 15 year-old student. His name is Marcus Revilla, 45. (USA Today 2015). They should've given this scumbag a life sentence.
  • Maryland, Salisbury: A 32 year-old ma to 10 years for a serious assault on undercover officers. Edwin Lamont Fletcher was convicted of 1st degree assault. (USA Today 2014) I'm in a constant state of consternation; read the paper has become a daunting task.
  • Maryland, Ocean City: I'm shamed and pained to say the sentence the child molester David Weatherholtz 55 received. (USA 2015) : (
  • Nebraska, Omaha: Gary Jackson, 30, stabbed and wounded a POLICE OFFICER - (USA Today 2014) Folks only to receive a measly 10 years! How can it be?
  • Nebraska, Columbus: Brian Browning was sentenced to two to three years in prison for vehicular homicide. (The Columbus Telegram Reported 2015) WOW!
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: Sheba Basabose, 37, was sentenced to 3 years. After being convicted of vehicular Homicide, in the death of a child. (USA Today 2015). Incredible!
  • Mississippi, Flora: Officer James Alderman, 58 was charged with two counts of child molestation. (205 USA Today). What sentence did he receive - Probation
  • Montana, Missoula: William Sandel II, 28, received 15 years for brutally attacking 2 local women. (The Missoulian Reported 2015) How? 
  • Montana, Missoula: A Washington state man, Troy Miller, was sentenced to 20 years for shooting a man - whom luckily survived. (The Missoulian Reported 2015). Folks I get convicted of a mere possession of a purchased firearm and have already been imprisoned for 22 years - this man not only has a weapon but damn near kills a man - It's a perversion of justice.
  • New Hampshire, Nashua: Cara Smith, 40 pleaded guilty to negligen homicide for a hit and run death and insurance fraud and received a mere 3 years. (The Telegraph Reported 2015). Folks these accounts should have our citizenry up in arms.
  • Oregon, Salem: Toddi Bork, 46, will spend at least 5 years and 10 months in prison for dousing her husband with gasoline and setting him on fire (The Statesman Journal Reported 2015) - This women is sadistic!
  • Oregon, Salem: Mercedes Alvarado was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of first-degree manslaughter in the drowning death of her 3 year-old daughter (The Statesman Journal Reported 2015) How could you receive 10 years for killing their own daughter?
  • Oregon, Portland: Jeffery McAllister, 39 who sexually abused nine female patients and co-worker while working as a nurse at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, was sentenced to a 15 year prison term. (USA Today 2014) Even Hellen Keller could see the injustice of our sentencing guidelines. What is occurring to me is criminal.
  • Oklahoma, Tulsa: A pastor received 23 years after years of molesting children (The Tulsa World Reported 2015). This reprobate should've received a million years.
  • Oklahoma, Tulsa: A teacher who resigned after being charged with molesting a 12 year-old was sentenced to 10 years in prison. (The Tulsa World Reported 2015). This is one of millions of examples that decry the need for comprehensive sentencing reform.
  • Tennessee, Nashville: Two former Vanderbilt University football players were convicted of raping unconscious woman. (The Tennessean Reported 2015). Yes, they received way less than I did.
  • Washinton, Bellevue: A 38 year-old transient was sentenced to 21 1/2 years in prison for fatally stabbing a sleeping stranger at a Burger King, (The Seattle Times Reported 2015). Are we to assume that killing a man is a lesser crime than mine? Incrudulous.
  • A woman, Shannon Richardson, who intends to plead guilty to sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg agreed to a deal that caps and prison sentence at 18 years. This woman is a terrorist, she produced, possessed and mailed a biological toxin to our President and a Mayor only to be given a sentence that will not exceed 18 years. She's lucky Oprah is not a sitting judge! (USA Today 2013)
  • 45 Year old Oakdale soccer coach, Timothy Lyman, plead guilty to raping an unconscious 16 year old girl. Guess what lame judge sentenced this predator to: 1 measly year in prison and 3 pathetic years of probation. A great injustice was served - to the victim and her family. (Merced Sun Stay 2013)
  • Despite the egregious charges of convictions against Panamanian President Manuel Antonio Noriega in the United States, This tyrant ruler served less time then I for my possession of a firearm conviction. How? (2013, World News)
  • An Albuquerque, New Mexico woman was sentenced to 11 years for a second degree murder conviction of Crystal Tom, 26. (2013 USA Today)
  • A Salem, Oregon man, Terry Dean Davis, was convicted in the death of his daughter and sentenced to 10 years. (2013 USA Today) I find it painful to read about these partial sentences for such serious crimes.
  • A man from Jackson, Mississippi, Jeremy Atrai Hodges 26, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual assault on a 4 year old girl and making a video of the attack with another man who was also convicted. (2013 USA Today) Unimaginable to think that this pathetic excuse for a man could be sentenced to the same sentence I received for the non-violent offense of being a felon in possession of a firearm. :(
  • A classic upbrage: A Montant state district judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced a middle aged teacher who was convicted of rape of a 14 year old girl, who later killed herself, to 30 days in jail. Lack of sentencing caused widespread condemnation of the court/justice system. And of course I'm sick at the thought. (Sept. 2013 USA Today)
  • Famously Mike Tyson served 3 years for rape. 1992
  • Jackson, Mississippi: A man takes his three teenage nephews with him to shoot his ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Charles Moore was convicted of aggravated assault and conspiracy and sentenced to 20 years. Aug. 17, 2012 (USA Today)
  • A woman who snatched a newborn from a New York hospital in 1987. Ann Pettway was sentenced to 12 years. Kidnapping, July 31,2012 (USA Today)
  • Bryan Steinhauter, 5’7” 135 lbs., was a student at Binghamton University in upstate New York where he was repeatedly kicked by a fellow student Miladin Kovacevic, 6’9” 260lbs. The beating left Steinhauter, 24, with skull fractures and a severe brain injury. Received a 2 year sentence. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, a democrat NY: criticized the plea bargain, along with the Steinhauter family. Claiming that “the punishment does not fit the crime.” Also went on to call the crime a dastardly deed. That’s abroad, yet in our home-front we don’t hear Senators or our Secretary of State (as in my case) expostulate that “the punishment does not fit the crime?” 2012 (USA Today)
  • Durrell Williams, a suspended Oklahoma State basketball player accused of sexually assaulting two women at a December 2010 party was convicted on two counts of Rape by instrumentation and one count of sexual assault- (USA Today) His sentence was an affront to the victims.
  • Guerdwich Montimere, 23, received a 3 year sentence for posing as a ninth grader named Jerry Joseph, a ruse to woo and have sex with a 15 year old girl. He pleads guilty to two counts of sexual assault and 3 counts of tampering with government records. 2012 (Sports Illustrated) Crazy huh?
  • Albert Coronado, 23, charged with intoxicated manslaughter charges (5 dead) 2 adults and 3 children in El Paso, TX. I’m embarrassed to state his humble sentence for such an atrocity. July 2012 (USA Today)
  • Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. served 2 months for a domestic battery case July 3rd, 2012 (USA Today)
  • A Roman Catholic monsignor who became the first as church official to be convicted in a sex abuse case. William Lynn, 61, received 6 years. July 25th, 2012 (USA Today)
  • Last winter Quanitta Underwood gave a harrowing account of the abuse she revealed in a riveting piece in the New York Times. Along with her sister Hazzauna, the girls were repeatedly raped by Azzad Underwood beginning when they were 10 and 12 respectively. Her father, a Pentecostal Churchgoer and welder by trade, was convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the late 1990’s, sentenced to prison for six years and released in 2005. Aug. 6th, 2012 (USA Today) What a shame!
  • Former Virginia lacrosse player, George Huguely V, sentenced to 23 years in the beating death of his girlfriend Yeardley Love. (USA Today 2012) Folks this man actually killed with premeditation and will serve LESS time then I have already done!
  • Marcus Longmire, 19, almost killed basketball standout Herbert Pope Jr. on March 31, 2007. He shot Pope 5 times with a revolver, the first two slugs tore into Popes abdomen, and the third exploded his left wrist (which was guarding his head). Longmire pleaded guilty to attempted homicide and received 6 -16 years. Jan. 30th, 2012 (Sports Illustrated) this translates to an 8-10 year sentence. This man NOT ONLY possessed a firearm, but actually used it in a blatant attempt to kill another man…THIS CASE IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF THE INJUSTICE AGAINST ME, AND MANY OTHERS.
  • According to there’s a list of 50 teachers who have had inappropriate relationships with their students. Most famously was Mark Kay Letocrneau who in 1996 was unhappily married, began an affair with a 13 year old boy. In 1997 Letourneauy gave birth to her and the teen’s daughter, Audrey, and pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree statutory RAPE. She was given a 7 year suspended sentence. 2012 (American Curves Magazine) Perhaps I’m going mad; so you’re telling me, that RAPE of a greater severity then a man who possesses a firearm???
  • A North Dakota man, Alois Vetter, landlord was sentenced to 2 years in prison for running over an ex-tenant with his Hummer. Was convicted of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment Sept. 20th, 2012 (USA Today). Do you mean to tell me that had I intentionally ran-over a man with my car with intent to kill him I would’ve only received 2 years?
  • In Missouri, Patrick McMormick, 54, was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to first degree involuntary manslaughter and second-degree assault in a drunken driving crash that killed a woman, Janet Esrock 50, and injured her teenage son. Aug.20th, 2012 (USA Today) Situations such as these are unfortunate, extremely heartbreaking and the occurrences are daily. Yet meager sentences serve as no deterrent. Daily our public is in grave danger of these insensitive driving predators. Mr. McMormick served 1 year meanwhile 18 years have passed and I’m still incarcerated – Why?
  • In Minnesota, the mother of one of the two men killed by a drunken driver said the prison term given to the woman convicted in the crash isn’t enough. Sondra Dewerd, 23, received 5 years after being convicted of criminal vehicular homicide in the crash that killed Tyler Hoff, 18, and Emery Van Hock, 22, in June 2011. July 2012 (USA Today) Sad!
  • Minnesota, Amy Romero, 29, agreed to an 8 year prison sentence. In a plea to second-degree manslaughter for abandoning her newborn in the woods in hopes that it would be eaten by wild life. The infant’s body was never found. 2012 (USA Today) How could a mother do something so heinous and only be given 8 years?
  • In a global story, Olympic medalist Kayla Harrison revealed that she was a victim of sexual abuse by her former coach. The coach Daniel Doyle was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty in 2007 to one count of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign land. He was also banned for life by USA Judo. July 2012 (USA Today) This man RAPES a young teen under this tutelage. Causing indelible scars both mentally and physically. Only to be released in less than 10 years to prey on our youth. . . He should have received a life sentence.
  • Boston: 6 sex traffickers receive from 4 to 25 years in prison. All pleaded guilty or were convicted of conspiracy or sex trafficking. (USA Today Sept.2012) How could 6 men rape, kidnap, brutalize and sexually exploit minors: As, in this case, to then 17 year old Asia Graves, and many others and ultimately will end-up serving less time incarcerated then I have already done? How? I’m at least glad that Obama announced several new initiatives aimed to end trafficking nationwide, including a first-ever assessment and a $6 million dollar grant to build solutions. Calling it slavery, barbaric and evil and has NO place in a civilized world.
  • Memphis: Four men have been sentenced for two armed robberies targeting business owners with guns. Tobey Becton, Orel Chapa, David Cuadrado and Mark Ellis were sentenced to federal prison terms ranging from 9 to 18 years. (USA Today Sept. 2012) Again they won’t serve what I’ve already done for merely possessing a gun. Tell me, does it seem fair?
  • Sports Illustrated: L.A. Kingpin William Leonard Roberts II AKA Rick Ross, who sold some $2 million worth of drugs a day at the height of his game. Was imprisoned in 1995. Guess what folks YES he’s long been out of prison. There’s something fundamentally wrong here – I was imprisoned in 1994 and still have another 5 years remaining! Is this the American way? Excuse my confusion.
  • Mississippi: Lenora Patsy Edhegard 59 was strangled, and the sex offender recently released from prison and living next door to her is accused of the murder, his name Cortrell Rose, 30. 2012 (USA Today)Wow nice going Mississippi, why don’t you release yet another violent sexual predator.
  • Penn St: Asst. Coach Jerry Sandusck, 68, who was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, on 10 victims was sentenced to 30 years. (USA Today 2012). I'm distraught to think that this predator only received a few years more then me. Wow!
  • Kentucky: Leslie Haun, 47, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to beating his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor to death. (USA Today 2012) God' this man KILLED another person, how could it be that he only got 20 years? And here I am with nearly 20 years of imprisonment for a mere firearm possession.
  • In Atwater California a high school teacher Melody Carter-McCabe,28,will receive no more then 5 years for 9 felony counts of unlawful sex with a minor.( Merced Sun Star ) "I guess this is a ladies luck"
  • A man, Abdul-Latif, plead guilty to conspiracy to murder US officers and conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. (U.S.A Today 2013) "Folks this Seattle terrorist plotter gets an 18 year prison term; Do i need say more?"
  • Minnesota, Willmar: A 22-year old man convicted of killing three women in a head-on collision last year was sentenced to just over 5 1/2 years in prison. Paul Wickenhauser of Cokato, who was legally drunk at the time, apologized to the family of the victims.(USA Today 2013) "So what?!"
  • In Georgia, Decatur... Michael Brandon Hill, 21 received 20 years for a gunbattle with police at "Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy." (2014 USA Today). This man has a damn shoot-out and will serve only a fraction of the time I've done - for simply having a gun in my car! Totally unfair.
  • In Texas, Fort Hood, Brett Wessel, 27, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for fatally shooting another man (2014 USA Today). Well for Mr. Wessel to serve my sentence he had to kill a person. Folks do you see how there's no sentencing equality?
  • Texas, SA: A former High School teacher has been sentenced to 14 years, for raping a 15 year old student. By a Federal Judge. (2014 USA Today). The injustice and inequality in the federal sentencing guidelines is grossly prejudicial. How could a child rapist get less time than me?

The aforementioned are abbreviated articles from news outlets from the past few months that can easily be substantiated. These are only a few examples of the thousands of monthly controversial sentences that in turn underlines the cruelty in my case.

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