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Daniel Angel Rodriguez

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      The reviews from Angel's advice post has received high-praise for his honesty, well rounded disposition, and broad range. Therefore we asked Angel to join us here at A.A.I to offer his sound and empirical advice. We're touched by his commitment to us...only to hope that one day our voice brings justice to him and thousands of others with criminal sentences.

      Please know that all questions will only be handled by D.A.R; and responded directly to the email address you offer. At Angel’s directive we will NOT post either your question nor his response. It's Angel's position that posting the content of questions only exploits the sentiments of the questioner. And it's his expressed wish to protect the delicate, private or intimate questions asked through this forum.

     Please allow 2-3 weeks : All Dear Angel's will be responded to in the order received.

Popular Subject Matters


-Relationships -Teen Sponsoring
-Parenting -Inspiration/Gratitude
-Incarceration -Business
-Mourning/Consoling -Politics (impartial)
-Friendship -Self-respect/Discipline
-Post-incarceration -Honor/Loyalty
-Pre-trial -Commitment
-Recalcitrance -Overcoming Adversity
-Acceptance -Religion

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   Dear Angel

       Your advice has brought modest change to my son. My husband and I are pleasantly thankful for your untrained sagginess. The Robinson Family, Det.

   Dear Angel

       You were on point. My wife and I are committed to giving our marriage another gooo. We thank you. Ron, N.J

Dear Angel

       You given me hope and strength when I thought neither existed. Much thanks. Rhea, Fla.

   Dear Angel

       Your advice has had an incredible impact on my teenage son. Grateful I'll remain. Carry, Balt.

   Dear Angel

         At the urging of some friends we reluctantly decided to give your advice column the challenge of the sexual impasse in our relationship. Only to be left stupefied to have received such fun and gifted advice from a man that has been incarcerated for so long. Really' Thank You Cynthia and Kramer, K.C