An American Injustice 


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Your greatest regret? By Scott, North Dakota: Besides family sentiments and my lapse towards incarceration, -Not having kids and failing myself in the midst of success.


The person you admire most. By Tammy, Florida: My Father


The person you most miss. By Kimberley, Utah: My (deceased) brother


Someone you think highly of. By Brenda, Arizona: My ex-wife Kimberly        


What I miss most prior to incarceration. By Bill, Idaho: The freedom to love and exist


What proved most weighing about incarceration? By Maggie, California: The toll it’s had on my parents


What affect has incarceration had? By Brian, Washington: Besides mortification, it’s humbled me as a person. Today I appreciate what I otherwise would have overlooked.


What is your political position? By Talk-radio, NYC: Republican, fisco-conservative, with limited moderate views e.g., sentencing reform.


Famous personality you consider? By Bethany, Colorado: Nelson Mandela- For his unveering fortitude, and impervious perseverance.


If you had two wishes? By Kelly, Hawaii: One would be for world peace, and the other for sentencing reform.


Do you have any compunctions? By Franklin J., CA: Yes-, seeing so many men that have shared moments of flawed judgment with criminally exorbitant sentences.


What have you prided yourself on while incarcerated? By Helen, Montana: That I’ve been afforded open opportunities to penetrate and positively affect harden and unreconstructed individuals. That I’ve been instrumental in educating and changing established mindsets; By example or through endless dialogue I’ve instilled civilized deportments, patience, appreciation towards self and others as well as A love for life.


Five words that describe you, by an Old Friend, FL: Resilient, loyal, compassionate, enterprising and generous.


Your favorite quote, by Joey K., FL: By Theodore Roosevelt, who said, People who dare to fight deserve praise even if they fail, for they “shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”


Place of interest? By The Girl, CA: Museums, galleries and the expanse of the ocean.


Favorite biblical verse? By Your Mother, FL: If we say that we have no sins, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.-John 1:8


Radio personalities you find interesting? By DJ Skye, GA: Rush L., S, Hanadi, Glen Beck, Mark Lavin, Lora Ingrid and Michael Savage. . .sorry, smile


 Mr. Rodriguez'   I read your political writings about Abraham Lincoln. What section of that speach was most impressional? Oakland, Jinn' teacher;   It was the part about a boy who was carrying a much smaller child up a hill. Asked whether the heavy burden was not too much for him, the boy answered, "it's not a burden, it's my brother."


Grandest movement? Harris, PA: If you are referring politically i would lean on "Civil rights."


Best gambit for Republicans to regain the majority? By Brian, Georgia: Stump for sentencing reform.


Aside from your plight what realizations have you made? By Stacey, Kentucky:To always account for variable change.


Your noticeably pained by your divorce and hold obvious admiration for her what would you say to women in general? By Aimee, Nevada: That it’s okay to be a woman in love, but it’s more important to be a woman who loves herself.


Who do you blame for your incarceration?By Jessica, Pennsylvania: It’s easy to tell ourselves that whatever happens to us was meant to be. It’s comforting – it gives us a sense that there’s some large plan. Early in my incarceration I had thought that my situation was meant to be but it wasn’t. It was just a bad choice that I rationalized as fate.


You’re thought on Religion? Father Creg, MN: At one point, I felt that religion was the result of an adaptive process evolved to help homosapians overcome its anxiety about death.Yet perhaps today I reflect on a deeper purpose.


What’s something your proud of? By Jesse, Texas: I’m proud that my name is a byword for a man who accepted responsibility for his conviction, and didn’t opt to snitch in order to circumvent my sentence.


Daniel after all these years of imprisonment what advice would you bestow onto others? By Brandon, Tennessee: To speak what you thought not what you’re thinking. And also, that perception is a lower form of knowledge.




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