An American Injustice 


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

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My Fairy Ariane

My Fairy Ariane,

Since your nuptial your silence has sadly consumed the friendship we once shared. I've been timid in my attempts to reach you to avoid a stir. Yet my yearning to learn of you has never seemed to quell.

If by chance, your reading this letter it's painfully apparent that in my struggles I shamely still dwell. This dreadful journey has proven my lot in life. Ironically I've embraced some satisfaction, despite the inconsolable sacrifice. Absently I walk as a martyr for a cause that one would think is only indigenous in 3rd world countries... In truth I feel as a haplessly stoned demimonde; robbed of life for a trifle crime. - sorry for venting such gloom!

Ariane I'll always cherish the person I once fleetingly knew; Insouciant, unique, forever observant, dangerously analytical, extreme, refined, captivating, foolhardy and somewhat eccentric. Smile' you know I got you pegged.

I'll never soon - forget the excitement that escaped you on the eve of your wedding... with all my heart I'm dearly happy for you both- what a grand man he must be!

Dearest' should we never cross paths would prove the ultimate injustice... so, till our paths meet I'll cling to the magically indelible moment of when first your eyes I eyed.

As the Nordic's prayed' I pray for you and yours.


With love, your friend,