An American Injustice 


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

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Loretta E. Lynch


To:  Attorney General

Loretta E. Lynch

US Department of Justice

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Washington, DC 20530.0001



Dear Loretta E. Lynch, US Attorney General


     In the name of fairness, equality and justice for all:  Please review the iniquities against me by the United States Bureau of Prison.  The US Attorney General delegates to the Bureau of Prisons the plenary powers to grant federal inmates (NUNC PRO TUNC DESIGNATION), yet NO recourse exist when the Bureau criminally abuses it's discretionary powers.  Which brings me to beg your oversight in this dire matter.


Brief History:

     I've been incarcerated since July 24, 1994, for a mere possession of a firearm conviction (922 (g) (1) ) and subsequently on April 10, 1994 I was sentenced to a highly-cruel 272 months; under the drag net, draconian ACCA (924 (e) ) statue, where two domestic burglaries to my own home, were used to qualify me under the ACCA.


- Issue of Contention -

     The B.O.P. did not commence my federal sentence until October 2, 1997, despite being sentenced in April of 1995.  The Bureau contends that prior credit was credited to my parole violation, which led me to petiton for NUNC PRO TUNC designation.  The Bureau denied with extreme prejudice my N.P.T.D. petition:


          A)  They used acquitted conduct to make their determination.


   B)  They relied solely on an illegal and prejudicial letter from recused court.


   C)  They somehow find it within the Bureau's interest to grant N.P.T.D. to rapists, murder's pedophiles and other violent offenders.  While, I who was convicted of a nonviolent offense languish in prison unfairly past the sentence imposed by the US Courts.


    D)  It's unamerican, criminal and tantamount to torture for the Bureau to obfuscate merely to deny my NUNC PRO TUNC Designation Petition.


     Please note:  That I've sought redress on every level; yet my clarion calls hasn't stirred my file.  No one seems to care about the iniquities in this matter...  which brings me to PRAY you review the delegated authority your honorable office affords the Bureau of Prisons to oversee NUN PRO TUNC Designations Petitions.


     I'm left only to hope for your assistance.





                                            Daniel A. Rodriguez, 48128-004



Please send all correspondence to:


Daniel Angel Rodriguez - 48128-004

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