Personal Letters

Letter to Judge Ursula Ungaro

To: The Honorable Judge Ursula Ungaro,
Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States Courthouse
400 North Miami Avenue. Room 12-4
Miami, Florida 33128

Re: (Case No. 1:17-cr-20904-UU)

I would like to say that

My Fairy Ariane

My Fairy Ariane,

Since your nuptial your silence has sadly consumed the friendship we once shared. I've been timid in my attempts to reach you to avoid a stir. Yet my yearning to learn of you has

Dearest Kimberly

Dearest Kimberly,

You bared my name pretentiously - no, your indifference is not to blame. My pain is that I let you down, in every existing way.I wish that then I was the man I am today. My

Dear Amy B. Barnett

Dear Amy B. Barnett, Editor-In-Chief

Your personal anecdote in the Oct. 2013' issue is the template of today's modern woman: Aspiring, unveering, strong-minded and independent...

As a

Dear Family

Dear Family,

Love is best defined through the unpredictability of adversity.


Daniel Rodriguez

Letter to my Father

Dear Father,

Each waking day I take a gulp of air in search of essence. Hoping that that simple breath fills my solemn soul with a dose of new found inspiration.

Dad- Failing you and Mom is a

Dear American People

Dear American People

In the afterglow of this months Supreme Court ruling I'm Flushed, and overwhelmed with the anticipation of my impending release. But mostly I'm humbled and grateful to all of

GOP Candidate Ben Carson

Dear Mr. Ben Carson,

Sir, I took great umbrage to your political expose claiming that incarceration makes straight-men homosexuals… I am a heterosexual man whom has served over 20 years in a federal

Letter to the Attorney General

June 24, 2019

To: The Honorable William Barr
Attorney General of the United States
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Re: ADB-FUBINACA (arbitrary

Dear Loretta E. Lynch, US Attorney General

To: Attorney General
      Loretta E. Lynch
      US Department of Justice
      950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20530.0001

Dear Loretta E. Lynch, US Attorney General

In the name of

Dear Lucia

Dear Lucia,

Don’t be sad…it crushes me to see you cry.

Trust I know what it feels like, to love and powerlessly watch it forever drift down a different stream, to love yet not know the essence of

Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito

TO: The Honorable Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

Sir, I’ve been incarcerated since 1994, for a 922 (g) conviction that was unjustly enhanced under 18 U.S.C. § 924 (e).

Which begs the

An American Injustice

In the silence of darkness I wake... I wake within walls where another man I see - Whom is he?

I wake anticipating the gloom of yet another day... I wake among foes, I exist in dismay - Who am

Nelson Mandela

Dear Mr. Nelson Mandela,

My Brother I will forever love and admire you: You have breathed freedom where only walls exist. You have brought hope where none flowed. You have forged strenght when



I love you and admire you for all you represent, you are an incredible woman.

But I am sorry, opposing President Obama's policies is not racism, nor a disrespect to the office. Note that

Dear Black American

Dear Black America,

I was listening to Glenn Beck (a conservative talk show and TV host). Whom in the midst of heighten racial tensions, brought-up a valid point: The most rampant crime against the

My Beloved Brother

Sorry that I've taken this long to write you...just know that not a moment has passed without you in my heart.

Ralphy I get so upset when family, friends or religious poseurs make the trite claim

Senator Ted Cruz

Dear Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas,

Your courage is laudable. I applaud you for challenging the establishment and rhino-republicans in your filibuster to defund Obama care. Although I'm incarcerated

Mommy Dearest

Your an incredible mother. I bow my head humbly to make amends with you..

I apologize profusely for all I put you through, when it came to loving me you did everything a mother could do. Shamely my

The Author

My name is Daniel Angel Rodriguez: I'll start by underscoring that every word, sentiment, every TAB and illustration was written and fashioned by me. If there's error in punctuations, spellings, grammar or articulations, they are solely of my doing. I'm NO scholar.. 

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