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Our A.A.I book club sprung from my affinity to evolve, educate, and evaluate: all which I derive from reading.

Surely if there's one thing the tedium of incarceration offers is leisure. So despite, my ill-fate, I charged for the sense of freedom books offer... Initially, I was varocious, and eclectic in taste yet through time, I found myself particularly favoring classic anthologies e.g. political/historical philosophy, compositions and literature.

But as you can gather from the broad list below we have shared all genres. I likewise have, very much, enjoyed our endless critical bandying; as well, I've embraced your book suggestions with equal enthusiasm. Thank You!

Today this little club of ours has grown exponentially, and with each new member our experience expands... friend's through this experience, not only, have I grown personally and intellectually but forever grateful. Trust that the honor bestowed is solely mines.


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

Book Club and Suggestions



Philosopher: For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway 

Corporate: The Art of War, by Sun Tzu 

Romance/Erotica: Sidney Sheldon and Fifty Shades of Gray by E.J. James, The Crossfire Trilogy by

Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson

A numbing tribute of uncanny valor, - A testament to the tacit patriotic sacrifices made daily by our Armed Forces. Petty officer Marcus Luttrell, Sir' although incarcerated, I thank you for your

Soledad Brother by Gorge Jackson

Soledad Brother is a scathingly gripping indictment of truism, that shamelessly still today proves analogous to how Americans are being callously incarcerated. Mr. Jacksons timeless presence

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Men BEWARE of the cagey spouse... Mrs Flynn has cleverly spun a sinuous tale, as well unleashed a wicked guide promised to heighten the most lowliest amongst you.  -Daniel A. Rodriguez, A.A.I

A rare

Mirror Image by Danielle Steel

An engagingly twisted but jovial romance, which takes a dreadful turn in the shadows of love at first sight... I'll admit to have shed a tear or two

Man's Search For Meaning

The most visceral literature I've ever consumed.  Through Mr. Frankl I lived and understood his will to overcome a criminally dreadful experience... Directly relating to his indurated psychology and

The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

A feel-good, all inspiring read: which underscores how a wholehearted, color blind, white American family reached, against the grain, to breath life where life seemed hopeless

The Women in his Life by Barbara Taylor Bradford

A classic love story that exemplifies the essence of an unveering love journey. Dauke schon Mrs. Bradford

It IS about Islam

An absorbing, encyclopedic power punish, on how America is being compromised.

A Crowning Mercy by Bernard Cornwell

An amazingly, all-encompassing read: pages will flutter as if amid a ravishing hurricane. -Hail to the king, in the genre of classic love and adventure Mr. Cornwell. 

Judging Thomas by Ken Foskett

A compelling, well assembled, biography of a extraordinary man.  Who despite the malaise of a difficult era flourished from the abyse like a phoenix.

Plunder and Decent

Acclaim: An absolute tour de force and numbing reality check.  Mr. Levin from beyond your bunkers America thanks you.

The Author

My name is Daniel Angel Rodriguez: I'll start by underscoring that every word, sentiment, every TAB and illustration was written and fashioned by me. If there's error in punctuations, spellings, grammar or articulations, they are solely of my doing. I'm NO scholar.. 

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