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As a young teenager I experienced rough patches, moments of flawed judgment. Yet the buck stopped when I met Rachael Robinson: a reckless young woman that was 4 years older. Together, as a co-dependant couple, we used drugs and committed crimes, such as, shop lifting, credit card and check fraud in order to support our drug dependency. And although we did these crimes together I took sole responsibility when caught. Towards the end of this tumultuous unhealthy relationship' Rachael maliciously, being that I had left her for another woman, brought bogus burglary charges against me., In her words "if she can't have me nobody will". Both exhibits A and B, attest that I never burglarized neither home. Nor did an episode of violence exist therein. Yet under the mal-advice of my attorney Richard Wasserstein (a then novice Esq.) I plead guilty to both cases, convinced that I wouldn't be affected being that I was a juvenile. Had I had the presence of mind and opted for trial I would've never been found guilty of neither charge.

Folks' not only was there NO offense of burglary committed but how could I burglarize a home I was a custodian of? (SEE Exhibit C);check stub that shows my name and Rachael's name along with our home address charged in Exhibit B. Further In neither of these plead-convictions was there an element of violence ,Yet the federal sentencing statue section 924(e) unfairly deemed these childishly domestic moments of flawed judgments as a violent crime., Only to justify criminally enhancing my federal sentence to 272 month for a mere possession of a firearm by a felon. 

Important to note: That at the time of my arrest, my life had made a dramatic about face. It was positively structured, influential and productive... I was the sole proprietor of the World Trial Inc, and majority owner of Phoenix International Inc., Tell Protection Inc, and Easy Liner Plus. All of which were sold-off to account for mounting legal responsibilites...sadly so.

Note: the aforementioned has been accurately abridged only to emphasize the gist of my complaint...regarding An American Injustice.

Exhibit A (F90-48326) and B (F90-50255) are my prior convictions used to egregrously enhance my Federal conviction of possession of a firearm to 22 1/2 years.

Exhibit C (Proff of Residence): These check stubs show that the address on Exhibit A, (for the conviction of burglary) was actually my place of residence.

 Sam and I at the door step's of the home we shared in Exhibit  (17 years old) Rachel and I visiting her grandmother in Tallahassee, FL. (16 years old) 
   Rachel and I at our home in Exhibit B (17 years old) 
   Sam and I at the door step's of the home we shared in Exhibit (17 years old)

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My name is Daniel Angel Rodriguez: I'll start by underscoring that every word, sentiment, every TAB and illustration was written and fashioned by me. If there's error in punctuations, spellings, grammar or articulations, they are solely of my doing. I'm NO scholar.. 

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