An American Injustice 


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

P.O. Box 440264               Miami, FL  33144


Dearest Kimberly

Dearest Kimberly,

                You bared my name pretentiously - no, your indifference is not to blame. My pain is that I let you down, in every existing way.I wish that then I was the man I am today. My apologies for my inconsistent ways.One day through life we'll meet again, I pray, that then we can, at least, be friends. Wholeheartedly I close, wishing you and yours the very best.


                                                                       -Daniel  AngelRodriguez


                P.S.- Please tell your parents that I'll be forever apologetic, shamed and equally pained for not being the man I vowed to them I'd be.

A parting thought . . . As I reach for closure:

                Think (Bervard 1992) I wrote you a poem titled, "Perfection is something I never claimed to be, Perfection on earth is only a fools fantasy." Over 2 decades later it's sentiments proved timeless.