An American Injustice 


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

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Dear Black American



Dear Black America,

     I was listening to Glenn Beck (a conservative talk show and TV host).  Whom in the midst of heighten racial tensions, brought-up a valid point:  The most rampant crime against the black communities are Black on Black crimes.  Yes Black lives matter - so why are black men and women being killed daily at the hands of a person of color?  We as minorities are our own greatest nemesis!  Yes what has occurred recently with Travon Brown and Eric Garner are unfortunate devastation's... yet in order for these men's untimely death not to prove in vain.  Let's rise to the challenge of cherishing one-another.  Let's STOP murdering ourselves, so when situations, or acts of violence against minorities occur we could take to the streets and cry "Black Lives Matter" in earnest.


 By - Daniel Angel Rodriguez, A.A.I