Prosecutorial Malfeasance

Reponse to Office of Professional Responsibility

U.S. Department of Justice  - 11/12/19                                                                          

Office of Professional Responsibility
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Re: Criminal Case No. 17-20904-UU
United States, Southern District of Florida

Reference Number: SB300809275

Dear Mr. Jeffrey R. Ragsdale,

My name is Danny A. Rodriguez, I am a Federal inmate, Register No. 48128-004, I was recently sentenced to 33 years, for under a kilo of synthetic marijuana.

I had prepared a defense in my criminal case. Yet the Government’s prosecutor Cristina Maxwell from the United States Southern District of Florida, committed a crime against me. By way of threatening and bribing all defense witnesses. Thus, preventing me to present a defense and maliciously criminalizing me. Mrs. Maxwell colluded with defense witness Earnest Ray Simmons' attorney Philip R. Horowitz, to obstruct justice and violate Defendant’s constitutional rights. The extent of the Governments misfeasance is outlined in Exhibit's (A) attached.

By the Grace of God defense witness Mr. Simmons informed the Defendant of what had occurred, and the reasoning for why he plead the fifth when called to the stance to testify. Petitioner here was also informed that his attorney, on behalf of the Government, tried to bribe him to lie against me. And, that this poisoned 7-minute conversation between him and his attorney, Mr. Horowitz, was caught on a Bureau of Prison recorded phone call (See Exh (A), affidavit attached).

Note: The Bureau of Prison inmate phone calls are deleted automatically 6 months after the calls occur. Please see call details and information (Exh. A) being that it is imperative that this call be preserved before expiration. Which is pivotal for your investigation and to assure justice. I am unsure if there exist other calls related to the illegal collusion and/or present criminal conduct that may have occurred: Thus I asks that all available calls by witness Earnest Ray Simmons (Reg. #74935-004) and his attorney Philip R. Horowitz be preserved to assure the integrity of your investigation. Before they are automatically deleted.

The Government with malice also told another defense witness Patrick Eldira (Reg. #58996-004) that I was a pedophile, in an attempt to deter his honest testimony knowing that pedophiles are frowned upon. The Government proffered in open court that Mr. Eldira told her that I offered to pay him $100,000.00 for his false testimony which was a knowing fabricated lie, for Mr. Eldira never said such a thing or was told to say anything against me that it would help him in his own criminal case. This Defense witness, Mr. Eldira also told me and others that he was threaten, and in his words bribed, by promised leniency if he said I paid him, yet vowed never to have told the prosecutor such a preposterous lie. Ironically, it's the same illegal conduct the Government deployed with all 5-defense witnesses. Here too Mr. Eldira’s attorney (Public Defender) was the conduit to these criminal acts by the Mrs. Cristina Maxwell.

Myself, my family and the community ask that this matter be urgently investigated. For an American languishes in a Federal Penitentiary serving 33 years in prison for a meager offense due to a rogue and corrupt Public Official. Please know that my full and total cooperation in the matter is at your expense.

See additional details in Exhibit B.

Respectfully Submitted,

Danny A. Rodriguez
8101 SW 72ND AV. Suite 101W.
Miami, FL 33143

Attorney General William Barr
President of the U.S Donald J. Trump
Miami Herald
USA Today
Washington Post

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