An American Injustice 


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

P.O. Box 440264               Miami, FL  33144


Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito


TO:  The Honorable Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

                Sir, I’ve been incarcerated since 1994, for a 922 (g) conviction that was unjustly enhanced under 18 U.S.C.  § 924 (e).

                Which begs the question how is it possible that a garden-variety petty offender, such as I, that was sentenced under the unbiased-drag-net ACCA statue, receive more prison time than murderers, rapists, pedophiles and other offenders that were actually convicted of a violent crime?

                I’ve shamefully served over 2 decades in a federal penitentiary for a mere possession of a (legally purchased) firearm conviction.  This ACCA statue is arrantly torturous, unconstitutional, cruel and unusual, unpatriotic and unfit for a modern society.  

                In light of Johnson Vs. U.S. (No. 13-7120); I’d like to underline that in my case two of the three prior convictions used to trigger the ACCA statue were domestic burglaries to my own home: Where the record attests that NO burglary actually occurred, that the convictions were clearly a result of a misguided plea deal.

                Sir, I’m a good man that’s willed himself through many needlessly difficult years of incarceration.  Yes I made many mistakes as a teenager, but none deserving of such an extreme loss of liberty.

                Your Honor, in the name of JUSTICE I pray the ACCA statue is ruled retroactively unconstitutional;  For it has affected the unintended, for too long.

Sincerely, my parents and I thank you,

      -Daniel Rodriguez  

Daniel Angel Rodriguez  #48128-004