An American Injustice 


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

P.O. Box 440264               Miami, FL  33144



An American Injustice

      In the silence of darkness I wake...  I wake within walls where another man I see - Whom is he?

     I wake anticipating the gloom of yet another day...  I wake among foes, I exist in dismay - Who am I?

     In numbness I walk through halls rife with hate...  where harden tears glisten paved ways - Where am I?

     Voiceless...  Whether they scream for help or cry ones name, muffled are the condemned - Can you imagine their dread?

     Bereft are the men whom exist in this place...  exist to themselves for most forgotten along the way - Whom are they?

     Torturous is this lawless place...  where the held are mistreated as slaves: yet to the world there's pretense that all is okay - Who their keeper?

     I write for myself for each case not the same...  some men very-well deserve this place...  while others, as I, languish hopelessly misplaced...  Another night has come, again to tears I succumb with frail hopes  that perhaps tomorrow JUSTICE may dawn.

By: Daniel A. Rodriguez, A.A.I