An American Injustice 


Daniel Angel Rodriguez

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     How sad, How disturbing, How senseless - To learn that 2 NYC police officers were killed at the hands of a deranged man.

     I pray for their families and our communities.. As we collectively move to understand while mourning the enormous loss.

 Daniel Angel Rodriguez, A.A.I


     I'm completely in lockstep with Charles Barkley assessment on racism:

Today economical disparity is the new racism.

 Daniel Angel Rodriguez, A.A.I

Dear Black America,

     I was listening to Glenn Beck (a conservative talk show and TV host).  Whom in the midst of heighten racial tensions, brought-up a valid point:  The most rampant crime against the black communities are Black on Black crimes.  Yes Black lives matter - so why are black men and women being killed daily at the hands of a person of color?  We as minorities are our own greatest nemesis!  Yes what has occurred recently with Travon Brown and Eric Garner are unfortunate devastation's... yet in order for these men's untimely death not to prove in vain.  Let's rise to the challenge of cherishing one-another.  Let's STOP murdering ourselves, so when situations, or acts of violence against minorities occur we could take to the streets and cry "Black Lives Matter" in earnest.


                                                         Daniel Angel Rodriguez, A.A.I


Dear Mr. Nelson Mandela,

                My Brother' I will forever love and admire you: You have breathed freedom where only walls exist. You have brought hope where none flowed. You have forged strength when weaknesses cried my name. SIR- I will not mourn your passing, but celebrate your life and live thankful for the effects its had on mine. Rest In Peace...

                                                      Daniel Angel Rodriguez, A.A.I


               Oprah I love you and admire you for all you represent, you are an incredible woman.

               But I am sorry, opposing President Obama's policies is not racism, nor a disrespect to the office. Note that Black's alone did not elect Mr. Obama twice into that coveted, yet historically controversial, office.

               I respectfully wish you would psychoanalyze your perspective for it's truly outdated. I suggest to stay mindful, simply watch an old rerun of your classic defunct talk show: scan the audience merely to remember they're overwhelmingly white.

                                                     Daniel  Angel Rodriguez, A.A.I

11/30/13:                     Justice Granted

               "Finally!," Nearly a century later "The Scottsboro Boy's," that were falsely accused and convicted of raping two white women on a train in northern Alabama in 1931, were granted full and unconditional post-humus pardons. "Rest In Peace, My Brothers."

                                                             Daniel Angel Rodriguez, A.A.I

11/22/13:         Public Address

                Listen I am not begrudging the Kennedy's for their endless wealth or resources, yet. . .

                In the wake of the 50 year anniversary of the JFK assassination: his cousin Michael Skakel, 53, was freed on a 1.2 million dollar bail, pending a new trial in the 1975 killing of teenage neighbor Martha Moxley.

                Here we have a Kennedy, who was convicted of brutally killing Moxley after a mountain of evidence, including DNA, that proved him to be the culprit: yet miraculously somehow he just got a new trial and a conviction overturned? Allow me to translate what a new trial means. . . it means that sometime next year he'll plead guilty to time served. Folks' remember, you heard it here first! The sad reality here is that only the rich and influential can manipulate the Justice system in-the-face-of-guilt. While those that are innocent, or draconically sentenced are hopelessly condemned in the tomb of the unknown, voiceless.

                Tonight in the confines of my chilly cell I fall fitfully asleep, on harden steel dreaming wishfully of "If Only I Were A Kennedy."

                                                                  Daniel Angel Rodriguez,A.A.I


               Dear Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas;

Your courage is laudable. I applaud you for challenging the establishment and rhino - republicans in your filibuster to defund Obama care. Although I'm incarcerated and perhaps personally unaffected either way. My concern is for the American people abroad.

                Sir- I thank and admire you. Only to hope and pray that your boldness reignites the slumberous Republican party. We must unite against socialized healthcare.